RRR#3 was a success!

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in RRR#3.

Although the organisers put the work in behind the scenes, all that would have been nothing without you wonderful Redditors who took part, spectated and cheered on your favourite teams. It was a long Sunday and while the NA side did not go as smoothly as we had anticipated we want to thank all the teams who did participate for their patience, understanding and most of all good sportsmanship.

You guys rock so hard.

I’d also like to thank VanillaTF2 for their excellent coverage of the EU side of the tournament. We only asked them to cover the EU finals but they went above and beyond for us in making an afternoon of it by casting games from the group stages as well. Let’s show them some Reddit love here in r/tf2.

Tournament Casts:

The Winners of RRR#3:

  • EU [ewe] 1st place | >[JR]< 2nd place | ST 3rd place
  • NA ƒ² 1st place | [JPTR] 2nd place | TOO² 3rd place

For a full point score for the EU side, click here. Replays will be posted here when they become available.

So we’re all done for now! All the practice (I saw a few RRR practice lobbies up!) and hard work paid off. I hope you guys had an awesome day, I know we did organising, playing and doing the whole pew pew thing.

Looking forward to RRR#4? We know we are. Details will follow as soon as we know them.

With love,


The Jolly Ranchers


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