ETF2L – Experimental Highlander cup #1

So this looks exciting eh? I guess the goal is to see if these maps should be in Season 2 of Highlander ETF2L? Ehh, looking at the maps from last season I can see why they would want a little bit of variation. 

  • Week 1: Badwater – Viaduct
  • Week 2: Viaduct – Upward
  • Week 3: Upward – Gravel Pit
  • Week 4: Gravel Pit – Gullywash
  • Week 5: Gullywash – Badwater

Though why there is no cp_5gorge I will never understand. That map is so stupidly fun to play. Where is cp_warmfront? Oh EU, y u no have ultra fun maps? Though I’ll forgive them as they don’t have the abomination that is cp_steel on there or tc_hyrdo. No I don’t care what you say hydro sucks.

So it looks like we’re entered (details here). Ohh, gosh. These are the new maps as they will be played on Thursday 9th of February.

  • Round 1 – 19.00 GMT – pl_barnblitz
  • Round 2 – 19.45 GMT – cp_foundry
  • Round 3 – 20.30 GMT – cp_upland

I’m all for a new payload map and pl_barnblitz is fun. Especially as a medic, there is a lot I can do on this map (by way of staying a live) and it’s relatively safe for me to play on, not a lot of corners to be ambushed by scouts. I love payload maps for this. Very linnear, makes me feel comfortable.

Yay cp_foundry! I really like this map, okay well really is a stretch. But it is growing on me, I am actually enjoying playing on it. Though I’ll admit, in the first push I’m like, “lol where do i go!? oh wait .. i ded.. sniper.. grr.” It is very very sniper friendly. Goodness.

I’ll be honest, cp_upland looks interesting but freaking awful. It looks like it is going to take, Of all the maps, I’m a little disappoint that this is in the list. GAH! Looks at it, look at how windy it is. Keerzin mentioned that it’s like cp_steel. It looks very much like it no? Hivey loaded it to the server, so I’m sure we’ll be playing on it sometime soon. Maybe once I’ve actually gotten to run around on it I’ll actually warm up to it? 


Probably not though. Gah.


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