Good news everybody!

… I’m the new primary medic for JR. WHOMAGAWD.

Camilo can’t play due to crappy internet and honestly, I’m freaking out a little. This means I’m the go-to girl, I need to practice a heap ton to be able to play to his standard. nfff.

On less good news, a lot of the comments in the casts have been overly negative and attempting to discourage us or Sal for posting such casts. We’re Division 6, not invite and we know this. The reason I started this blog is to show that transition. People forget that SNSD et al had to practice, were once this bad, were once not as awesome as they are. Comp TF2 is newish and people have only recently started taking it seriously as an e-sport. I will not appologise for my limited knowledge, I want to get better, and I will not tolerate any negative nancy remarks that just want to be negative just because. I explained to my mom that getting a cast by Sal was like.. a Conference league team being on SkySports at prime time. We know JUST how big a deal it is for Sal to pay attention to us, and honestly, everyone who can’t appreciate that can eat a bag of eels. 



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