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Well hello there you dazzling stranger you, it is very nice to meet you I’m Khaleesi a medic in the reddit EU clan Jolly Ranchers. So I’ve been getting really into TF2. It’s this nifty Hat Trading game with a war simulator that’s free to download on STEAM, and I’m very interested in being seriously competitive. More at the war simulator mini game than the hat trading thing, I have no idea how that all even works, please don’t ask. As of writing I’ve only logged 228 hours of time in TF2 and only 65 hours as a medic (eek right?) so I’m still fairly new at this. Regardless of my limited experience, they’ve been more than patient with me, working with me on tactics, loadouts. I’m having a ton of fun learning. So it’s safe to say now I’m learning a lot from my lovely clan mates, especially in regards to team work. 

So there I’ve said it! I’m new at all this, I bet you want to call me a n00b player yes? Why should you even bother listening to me yah? Well, I want to get good, really really good, and I’m using this as a sort of.. diary (?) to keep a track of my progress and (ha!) when someone asks me later in a few months/years how I got to be so good I can point them here and be like, “sup son this is what I did!” TF2 is still a fairly new game, it is still evolving and more and more people are taking part in the competitive side of it, honestly I’m excited to see where this will all go!

Probably should have made this my first post, but LOL oh well, that’s all passed. As you can see, I’ve posted a lot of videos eh? Better than articles amirite?! Wrong. Read as much as you can, the information in them is SUPER EFFECTIVE! The TF2 wiki Medic Strategy article is an excellent place to start, it is where I was directed to.

Gameplay videos and their commentaries (shout casts) are an awesome places to start to learn more about a class if you’re a more visual learner. STAR & Fatmop are my favourites.

STAR for me is pretty ace as he goes through a lot of gameplay for various classes and explains how certain weapons work. In some ways he’s like a visual wiki, explaining the pros and cons of a weapon, but unlike a wiki a more personal bias is obviously present. Fatmop just has such a soothing voice, lol.

It doesn’t matter if you hate these two, they’re my favourites. The important thing is to find favourites, devour their videos, find out how others are playing the class then go out there and put these skills to the test. Personally it can be really hard to find good medic videos, so I took other skills and applied them to my gameplay. One key one was stayin’ alive.

err, s’all I want to type atm. 


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